The duseok console and sabangtakja are collaborative works of duseok jang and somok jang(carpenter). The bridge of the duseok console is reminiscent of the grate of the hanok. It also serves to reinforce the bridge in a structured way. On the handle of the wood console, the wood is gorgeously decorated with a mokdan(peony), and it is possible to enjoy its beautiful decoration both when the top is opened and when it is closed.
The Neunghyungmun console has a traditional double-edged door handle that serves as a two-seater function to hold the necklace of the two seats so that the corners are neatly tied to the finished neckline.
The sabangtakja(Open Etagere), which is used as furniture for office furniture and the decorative furniture for decorations in the room, is a multi-layered table with four sides and is made up of four pillars and a layer of square. It is visually cool and can be used variously depending on the type. The pillars of the table are made of ash carbonized and the floor is made of two slabs carved from the wood. To carve on this wide surface need to be very sophisticated and patient. It is possible to put the storage space freely in each unit, and can be used practically according to the necessary environment. The handle of the cabinet is also made of duseok of tradition pattern, which allows you to enjoy various patterns depending on the viewing angle.
YÉOL means to carefully preserve the beauty of our cultural heritage inherited from antiquity for today and tomorrow.
YÉOL is a gathering of people who steadfastly promote the ideals represented in its name, and support the efforts to promote the proper understanding of our traditional culture and foster love for our cultural heritage, wherever attention alone is not enough.

Since 2013 YÉOL selects one master artisan who displays passion and commitment to traditional craftsmanship and systematically supports the award winner’s work from technical aspects to exhibition, promotion and sales support.