Valuing all around us through beauty of our tradition.
A beauty of our Nature, there is no other reason to be. and its benefits, nothing else can be replaced. Our traditional crafts made by the wisdom rooted upon the deep consideration of best use of nature still impresses us along with its beauty.
“to be more beautiful, to be more useful (valuable)” AUROI, we are bridging the traditional expertise with modern demand. and believe that products we delivered today will keep us warm with their fragrance long time.
Korea national intangible heritage craft & design research institution


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    We brought the sky down here to show you the most touching blue. We brought the trees down here to occupy where you are with the most dedicated fragrance. We brought the most natural things here and their beauty will come to you around in most comfort way.

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    Every day, we all live in the different clocks and the different worlds. However, the nature around us always stays with us in same pace and always shares their elements with us. We truly value the things that perform their own purpose in different life and make the things can be seeping into your life.

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    We believe the true value shining last forever. and the value of the time and years that have been revived through us will make the true difference and inspiration that cannot be seen in the new things.

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    The objects seen around us is a complete product of small elements. We believe when each one of those elements are well organized, the complete product made of them are fully functional.

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    things tangible and intangible, they are always staying along with. We believe our craftsmanship and expertise that have been brought by endless devotion is our long last legacy and believe it has a tremendous power to echo the mind of people for a long time.




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